Authenticity is the number 1 factor when you buying pre-owned luxury goods.

Anna’s Luxe guarantees 100% authenticity on every luxury item. Each item will pass a number of detailed checks to make sure that your item is: genuine, in great shape, and have all of its original charms. You will only receive authorised goods in which Anna’s Luxe have total faith.

Hand examination starts authentication. Craftsmanship, details, materials, labels, holograms, tags, logos, date/serial codes, and other identifiers are scrutinised to date each item.

Each item’s style and brand are well researched, including comprehensive examinations of the following components: leathers, furs, and exotic skins, like python, mink, crocodile, and others.

Anna’s Luxe guarantees the authenticity of every item for sale or 100% of your money back – Keeping your trust is the first priority.