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How to Shop Designer Consignment Stores in London

London is one of the fashion capital of the world. While you might be thinking of hitting up Harrods and Selfridges, the capital’s buzzing consignment store scene is a treasure trove of second-hand designer handbags and accessories.

Buying pre-loved is a more accessible way to build the designer closet of your dreams. London offers some for everyone, whether you’re exploring charity shops or hitting up more established boutiques. Shopping second-hand is sustainable, eco-friendly, and kinder on your wallet.

It’s not just Londoners and visiting tourists who can take advantage of the city’s second-hand luxury fashion and accessories. You can shop for London designer consignment pieces from the comfort of your home through the Anna’s Luxe website.

Read on to find out how to shop at designer consignment stores in London and how to find authentic luxury handbags pre-loved. 

What is a Consignment Store?

Consignment stores specialise in buying and selling items from the public. Most of these stores will focus on a niche market, from vinyl records to vintage designer clothing.

Luxury consignment stores in London buy and sell second-hand designer clothes, accessories, and handbags. These pre-loved items are usually in a very good or like-new condition. You can get your hands on pieces from brands like Celine, Prada, and Zimmermann for a fraction of the retail price. Most second-hand designer stores offer a mixture of vintage pieces and items from recent collections.

Where to Find London’s Best Consignment Stores

London is a fashion metropolis, offering something for every budget. You’ll find second-hand designer stores in Camden offering Ralph Lauren shirts and consignment boutiques in Knightsbridge full of Jimmy Choo shoes.

Vintage clothing stores are scattered throughout London. Soho and Covent Garden are home to popular stores like Beyond Retro, Rokit, and dozens of charity shops that can offer the occasional designer find. You can expect to find the most exclusive thrift stores in London throughout Kensington, Knightsbridge, and Chelsea.

Online consignment stores, like Anna’s Luxe, are the easiest way to shop for second-hand designer pieces in London – without having to brave the tube! Is it your first time shopping for or selling pre-loved luxury items?

Check out the Anna’s Luxe guide on where to buy and sell designer clothes.

How to Find Authentic Second-Hand Designer Items

Sometimes you’ll come across a designer piece that is too good to be true. Authenticity is one of the most important things to look out for when shopping at designer consignment stores in London. While most established boutiques have a strict authentication process, charity shops and thrift stores are less rigorous in their checking, which is why items may be sold at a lower price point.

Anna’s Luxe is an online London consignment store that guarantees 100% authenticity of every designer item.

Selling Your Pre-Loved Designer Clothes in London

If you want to sell your designer clothes and accessories in London, you have a couple of options to choose from. Resale platforms like Vinted and Depop can help you sell quickly, but you can expect to get the lowest price for your items there. Consignment stores are the best way to sell used luxury clothing in London.

Some consignment stores will offer you a price to purchase your pre-owned designer items. However, this process usually lacks transparency as the store will typically sell your item at a higher profit margin. At Anna’s Luxe, you know you’re getting a fair price on the market value of your used luxury clothing.

The transparency selling process for Anna’s Luxe clearly lays out our commission structure. You can earn up to 70% of the selling cost of your second-hand designer items, a higher value than you’ll get with most London consignment stores.

Clear out your closet and earn money for your pre-loved luxury clothes and accessories by contacting Anna’s Luxe today.

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