Sell my Chanel bag

How to sell your pre-loved Chanel handbag?

Are you looking to clear out your handbags? If you are in London, you might think there isn’t much second-hand market for pre-loved bags. The reality is that you couldn’t be more wrong!

Second-Hand Designer Market

London might be home to some of the finest Chanel boutiques in the world. However, this great city is full of hidden gems for pre-loved Chanel handbags as more fashionistas – such as yourself – are after a stunning second-hand designer bag! Why? There are many reasons! The price and preference of older models and some people search for limited editions which are no longer available to buy.

Where Can I Sell My Pre-loved Chanel Bag?

There are many options when it comes to selling your pre-loved designer handbag! You might know somebody who is looking for a new bag, or you can look to sell online. It is advised to go through an experienced seller of pre-loved luxury! Not only will you be able to sell your much-loved pieces quicker, but they will also ensure you get the right price for your bag and that it goes to a great owner!

For some people, selling a pre-loved bag can be difficult. It might be something they’ve saved up for a long time, meaning they want to ensure it is looked after in the future! Experienced sellers can consider all of your needs when selling on your behalf.


Which Factors To Consider When Choosing a Seller?

Research, research, research! London is full of online and pop-up boutiques for second-hand luxury items. Next time you are out in the city, look around to see if you can spot any of these little shops!

Decide if you would prefer a seller in-store, online or both. Also, take a look at what they currently stock. You will want to make sure it is somebody who has had experience with the re-sale of Chanel as a brand. Once you’ve decided, pick up the phone and speak to the sellers! They will be able to give you a good idea about their business, how they operate, and ultimately, their technique for finding a good home for your handbag.

Seller’s Experiences

You will tend to find that most sellers have experience in clothes. Most start as a pre-loved dress agency and then branch out into new paths, including jewellery, leather goods, watches and more! Have a read of the company’s history, as many of you see how the brand evolved, which will help determine whether it is a good fit for you! 

What is the Process with a Seller?

If you opt for a seller, understanding their process is a good idea! Once you’ve had the initial conversation, they will want to take a look at your pre-loved handbag. During this process, they can access the condition, look at the model, research how many similar bags are being sold, and finally, check the authenticity.

Sellers of pre-loved luxury will put together a price and estimated time frame to sell your bag. From here, it is good to ask about their commission rates. Typically, sellers take around 20% of their time, resources and contacts used to sell your handbag. Once sold, the money from selling your handbag will be sent directly to you!

How Much Could I Get for My Pre-loved Chanel Handbag?

If you are looking to sell your designer bag, definitely have a look at the prices yourself! There are several pillars to consider when pricing a Chanel bag, including:

  • What’s the condition of the bag?
  • Does it come in the original dust bag?
  • What is the colour and model?
  • Is it a limited edition? 

Considering these factors, Chanel handbags can be sold second-hand for anything between 25%-150% of the original retail price.

If you are asking a seller for an estimated price, go in with a price in your head. However, keep an open mind! More often than not, many people think their bag will have gone up in price from when they purchased it. Whilst this is true for limited edition pieces in a precise condition, it is unlikely for most models.

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