Anna Owner of Annas Luxe Designer Consignment London

Anna’s Luxe Story

I am Anna, owner of a London-based designer consignment store Anna’s Luxe. 

My journey into the fashion business was sparked by the challenges facing the industry. In light of overproduction and fast fashion, I recognise that the fashion world has driven full speed into a waste crisis. This problem is exacerbated by people throwing out perfectly good clothes that could find another home – that’s when I decided to step in.

By assisting in selling luxury items, I’m acting to curb the effects of fashion waste and make used luxury clothing more accessible for consumers.

I live by the Vivienne Westwood motto: ‘Buy less, choose well, make it last.’ I’m trying my best to get consumers out of the fast fashion cycle by offering used luxury clothes which will get plenty of use in the right hands! Starting a business against a wave of fast-fashion titans which offer poor-quality items on the cheap certainly was challenging. Still, I’ve come out the other side with the peace that I’ve made a difference in the environment and sustainability within fashion.


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