Browse a collection of second-hand designer dresses at Anna’s Luxe. All pre-loved designer dresses are hand-checked for authentication with a 100% money-back guarantee for extra peace of mind. The range of used designer dresses will help to cover any occasion you need them for. Anna’s Luxe has a diverse selection, from evening to casual dresses. They are also in the latest trending styles and vintage rare pieces.
Invest in your dream designer dress without spending thousands of pounds.

For brands, expect to see top-tier brands such as Alexander McQueen, CELINE, Gucci and PRADA to name a few. For those looking to sell your luxury dresses in London feel free to get in touch and we can discuss your options.

Sometimes, you’re looking for just the right type of dress and can’t seem to find it. Fast fashion isn’t covering it, as it’s all starting to look the same. Not only that, but the quality of such fast fashion isn’t always the best. You know what your style and taste are, but you aren’t always sure if your budget is going to be as sure as yours.

This is where second-hand designer dresses come in and deserve consideration. Just because a designer dress was gently used, it doesn’t mean that the quality and style will suddenly disappear from it. On the contrary, pre-owned designer dresses could be the best type of purchase you make. You won’t need to come up with the excuse that you’re making an ‘investment’ into yourself, your fashion and your style.

Instead, you can simply say you appreciate used luxury dresses and that they can find a second or third home easily.

They can be quite affordable

The first thing you’ll notice with used designer dresses is how much more affordable they can be than trying to buy the same dress new. In fact, they can come at a steep discount, especially when seasons are about to switch. This allows you to get a high-quality iconic piece without taking out a loan out to pay for it.

You’re helping to support sustainability

The fashion industry can be quite unsustainable and cause a lot of waste. When you decide to opt for second-hand designer dresses, you’re inadvertently also taking a much more sustainable approach to how you dress. You don’t need to buy new dresses, meaning less can be produced, and your existing dress won’t simply be thrown away. You’re breathing new life into the designer dress when you decide to purchase it.

An abundance of variety

Fashion typically refreshes on a seasonal basis. This means that multiple collections can occur yearly, and in just a few years, all those older collections start to add up. This means you have an unparalleled level of variety in your options when selecting your pre-owned designer dresses. You will then be able to actually find the dress you were looking for, down to a specific cut, colour, and overall design.

You no longer need to be concerned about working around the existing fashion trend or go with low cost fashion options to round out your wardrobe to your specific style. You’ll have plenty of choices as well as sizes and brands to choose from.

A Unique Approach to Dressing

Even with so much variety, your dress will still be quite a unique option. One that you most likely won’t be able to find at a department store or other retail clothing outlets. It’ll be difficult for someone to match this unique style simply because they may not be able to easily find another dress in the same design.

That means, by default, with used designer dresses, you are already showcasing how fashionable you are in the first place.